Car rental for film production

BookAclassic specialize in delivering classic cars and unique movie vehicles for all sorts of movie productions and are the number one place to contact when it comes to car rental for film production and events. We have a wide selection of unique film vehicles in our online catalogue.

We have extensive experience of identifying cars for specific eras and genres so you can be sure that the car reflects the look and style you're aiming for in your movie. In the past BookAclassic has supplied classic vehicles for a range of film productions including James Bond and Justin Bieber commercials.

Car rental for film production

BookAclassic has delivered unique classic cars for several commercials broadcast on major television channels. We have considerable experience of working with the advertising industry and have a healthy track record of locating cars to strengthen the sales message for various products. So if you need to spice up an advertising assignment with a classic car or motorcycle then we're the place to come to!

Event car rental

BookAclassic can find cars that have the power to turn ordinary events and business parties into sensational and unforgettable experiences. So if you'd like to see Elvis being driven in a Pink Cadillac or fancy a 1930’s gangster vehicle for an Al Capone lounge, let your imagination fly and don't hesitate to contact us!

Fair and exhibition car hire

Nothing can draw an audience like rare cars or motorcycles. BookAclassic has a large selection of rare trade show cars and exhibition cars readily available for rent. We can also serve as an intermediary broker to locate classic cars from other sources with a unique story that have the power to impress and attract masses of viewers. So if you need a unique eye catcher for your fair or exhibition, please check out our online catalogue of classic and vintage cars for exhibitions and fairs.

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