Classic Car Hire for Prom and Graduation

Have fun at your school prom, student ball or graduation ball

Classic car hire for prom and graduation. Two important aspects of an upper school student’s life are prom and graduation. Academically, graduation is more important than prom, but socially, it's the other way around. To BookAclassic, both are equally important and that is why we offer our exclusive prom and graduation packages designed to offer a luxurious, VIP experience that will make these moments that much more memorable.

Classic car hire for prom and graduation

The fantasy and indulgence of a prom party is an integral part of your upper school life. Being successful in any social setting is important and prom is no different. Arrive in style in a vintage Ferrari, Rolls Royce or Porsche that's every bit as colourful as your personality and that'll help you to stand out at the most significant social event of your upper school career.

Imagine arriving in style in a stylish classic car complete with driver. This, combined with the evening’s festivities, the formal dress and the feeling of class and elegance, will make quite an impression on everyone. You've worked hard and deserve to celebrate in style with a vintage car hire from BookAclassic.

School leavers and students spend a lot of time trying to find a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate their graduation. What's more, all the features of the event should be in sync - one's personal style, the guests' elegant clothes, the decoration and the transportation to and from the venue. And a classic car complements the festive setting in such a fantastic way. Why a classic car? A classic car for your leaver’s ball or prom party leaves you and your guests with a magnificent visual impression. An outstanding memory of a great day with you in the centre of all the festivities. It can’t get any better than that, can it?

A touch of exclusiveness. Dreams come true with a classic car

People make plans, have ideas and dream. Who can say that they haven't dreamt of the ultimate way to celebrate a new life situation, a good result, or a special birthday?

Why has classic car hire for prom and graduation become so popular? Well, one reason may be just that - the fulfilment of dreams. Another reason is the transition from reality to a dreamlike place that occurs when you take a drive in a spectacular classic car and every effort has been made to give you the best experience ever. To sum up: Driving in a classic car or a vintage bus makes for a perfect setting where your dreams and wishes come true, so start dreaming now!

An impressively wide selection of vehicles

At BookAclassic we stock every sort of vehicle that you can possibly think of for classic car hire for prom and graduation. You don't just have access to all the well known and classy brands, but also to funny, quirky classic cars, not to mention a wide range of nostalgic vintage buses for group transportation. It's hard to imagine a more festive way to finish off your schooldays - driving away from your school for the last time than in an impressive classic car or striking vintage bus. Both you and your guests will enjoy a wonderfully stylish, fun and glamorous arrival and departure to this memorable event.

It's no secret that boys and girls have different tastes in classic cars, just like many other areas in life. We've seen that boys tend to stick to qualities like horsepower and streamlined design whereas girls prefer more traditional and romantic vehicles. The choice in vehicle reflects the passenger's personality, character and aesthetic preferences. Ferrari and Maserati versus Rolls-Royce and Bentley - we can offer all of these at BookAclassic alongside plenty of other well known makes. All possibilities lie open to everybody!

Amazing party pictures

You've already heard us say that classic car hire for prom and graduation will be an impressive event – the experience of a lifetime in fact. To be collected by a vintage car on the last day of school creates a truly memorable experience. Bright or soft colours, a well-polished bonnet, stylish contours, quirky edges, a touch of retro... these are just a few of the many elements that a classic car contributes to the journey to and from your prom or graduation party. Your family and friends – and not at least you – will be dazzled and impressed and never forget this happy day.

What's a prom party or graduation without photos? With everyone trying to get the best shot, you can rest assured that your party pictures will be memorable. The gleaming chrome, brightly coloured paint and the unforgettable shapes of our vintage cars make for a party picture that will make your friends envious. Arrive in style or be whisked away like a VIP, just be sure to take a moment for some party pictures that you'll cherish long after upper school.

Grand, majestic vintage cars or nostalgic, funny vintage buses both call for lots of party photos on your landmark day. Get picked up at your location by your dream vehicle and go for an exciting drive, taking loads of pictures along the way. At your final destination, when you are dropped off at your prom, there are of course plenty more opportunities for stylish photos. Classic car hire for prom parties, leavers balls or graduation ceremonies guarantees fun-filled, happy photos of the event forever.

Classic car hire for prom and graduation: transport made simple

Homework, studying, attending lectures. You've earned top honours and deserve the best for your graduation party transportation. Whether you choose a high-end supercar from Ferrari or Lamborghini, or a vintage party bus for you and your friends, choose BookAclassic’s vintage car hire and relax knowing that you're in good hands. We'll help you select a vintage car that meets your needs and that offers the elegance and class to make the day even more special. You'll be the envy of all your fellow graduates and the one who made the event unforgettable.

At BookAclassic you'll find an exclusive selection of impressive, breathtaking cars which will ensure that your graduation day is absolutely unforgettable. We can guarantee you that the possibilities are endless and classic car hire for prom and graduation has never been easier than it is today. It's not even fantasy - it's for real, so start exploring our website and book your classic dream car today!

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