New York classic wedding car rental

New York classic wedding car rental and vintage car rental. It’s becoming increasingly popular to rent a classic or vintage car for weddings in New York. Being picked up from your home and arriving at the church, town hall or licensed wedding venue in an exclusive chauffeur driven wedding car is a something everyone should treat themselves to on their special day. Your guests will love seeing you accompanied by a glamorous wedding car complete with a stylish chauffeur. Coupling the experience with some sparkling champagne and chocolates and strawberries is an absolute must.

Wedding transport in New York with a dedicated bridal car

Our experience shows that a wedding car is every bit as important a component of a wedding as the church, wedding dress and rings. It’s also a feature that is appreciated and remembered by many for years to come.

When you order a vintage or classic car with us for your wedding drive in New York, you can rest assured that the celebration is in the best possible hands. You can simply relax and focus on enjoying the moment without having to worry about anything at all.

Wedding cars in a class of their own

At BookAclassic we specialise in unique wedding cars from all over the world including stunning Cadillacs and Ferraris amongst many other classic models such as Ford, Maserati and Chevrolet. We also have a large variety of regal British wedding cars from classic brands such as Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce. Whatever type of car you want for your wedding in New York, we’ll do our utmost to deliver.

American cars and limousines

If it’s American cars and limousines you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. BookAclassic can supply the very best in American classic car rental.

We have a large selection of American limousines and other classic American cars. You can select one of the long modern limousines from classic marques such as Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler, or a classic American model from the likes of Ford, Pink Cadillac, Mustang, Chevrolet and Bel Air. And if you have a special requirement for your wedding car rental in New York, just ask us and we'll be more than happy to help satisfy your request.

New York classic wedding car rental right here!

In the New York area we offer all sorts of exciting options for classic car rental for weddings. What's at the top of your wish list? Maybe an elegant Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow? Or perhaps a Jaguar? Or even a cute vintage car from the 1920's? For some the dream car might be an American limousine with a private chauffeur, for others perhaps a white Lincoln Towncar limousine or a Cadillac. Or if you need more space to bring along friends and family, a nostalgic classic bus or New York Cab could be a more suitable option for you.

A vintage car in New York with your own private chauffeur makes a moment last longer

Nothing could be more romantic than a traditional wedding car with driver to transport you on your big day in New York. Pre-war and vintage New York classic wedding car rental is for everyone. Classic cars provide a standout ride that turn heads wherever they go. The amazing decor, the retro materials, equipment and even sounds make everything cheerful and friendly. But most of all it’s just so exciting to sit in a nice old car from a bygone era. Choose a great Ford A from the 1920s or a dashing royal Rolls-Royce limousine from the good old days. These cars are always a winner on summer wedding drives in New York.

At the venue, a gleaming, proud vintage car with a stylish driver will be ready to receive you as you come out of the church or town hall. Then you'll drive away waving, smiling and cheering guests around you.

On the way to your reception there’ll be plenty of opportunities to enjoy a glass of champagne or sparkling wine, or just the rich décor. What’s more, everyone likes seeing a classic wedding car drive past.

Wherever you go, we go with you

If you’re jetting off on honeymoon, taking a special trip away, or just having an annual holiday in New York but don’t want the same old dull modern rental car as the next person, thanks to our global reach you can 'go retro' with BookAclassic! BookAclassic is home to thousands of classic and vintage cars. You can sit at home and book the car of your dreams for your next trip in New York in your native language with no difficulties understanding the booking process. You can even arrange for your car to be waiting at the airport when you land. How about driving a stylish Jaguar E-type at your annual summer trip to New York? Or maybe driving around in a red 1960’s Alfa Romeo convertible? We can make your dream come true with just a few “clicks” on our site. So if you’ve always dreamt of throwing your suitcase into the back of an American classic or starting your holiday in a vintage Mercedes complete with original leather seats and a crackling old stereo, BookAclassic is your passport to making New York classic wedding car rental a reality.

Hiring New York finest wedding cars makes for romantic and scenic pictures

Hiring a classic or vintage car for your wedding in New York provides your photographer with the ideal backdrop for an album of romantic and colourful wedding pictures. The photos could be taken at historic landmarks in New York or in the beautiful landscapes, or at one of the famous monumental buildings of historic interest. Whatever the case, a classic or vintage car will add that special touch of finesse.

Classic and vintage bus rental in New York for weddings and events

Need classic bus rental or a carriage for your wedding in the New York? Vintage and classic wedding cars are very popular for weddings, events and parties but not many people realise how easy it is to rent a classic red bus or black cab, both of which can add a touch of style and glamour. Such vehicles can also provide an extremely convenient and fun way of transporting a group of guests to the reception.

Get an instant quote for your New York classic wedding car rental

Explore our selection of vintage and classic cars in the New York region right now and get a quote in seconds. You'll be clearly guided through the quick and easy booking process to rent a classic car in New York. You'll also see from our regional pages that it’s possible to rent wedding cars from all over the rest of the country. At BookAclassic you'll find a great range of vintage and classic cars for rent. Our website also contains a whole host of useful information on wedding driving. Rent a classic car in New York and make your day truly memorable.

Useful wedding advice

It’s important that everything proceeds as planned on your wedding day. We’ve therefore gathered a lot of good tips and advice on wedding car rental. Please have a look through our pages and learn everything you need to know for your New York classic wedding car rental or vintage car rental.

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